English Professor Published in the Times Literary Supplement

An excerpt of Norman Mailer’s journal has been published on August 19 / 26, 2022, in the Times Literary Supplement, edited by MGA Professor of English Gerald R. Lucas, along with his co-editors J. Michael Lennon, Mailer’s official biographer, and Susan Mailer, his first-born daughter. Lucas, Lennon, and Mailer have been editing Norman Mailer’s 1954-55 journal for publication for the author’s centennial celebration next year.

Called Lipton’s Journal, it is a record of Mailer’s experiences and musings as he experimented with marijuana, which he called “tea” or “Lipton’s,” and becomes the foundation of much of his mature thought and writing. This TLS excerpt provides a small sampling of the journal and is showcased in the current issue. Lipton’s Journal will be published in its entirety in 2023.

Issue: https://www.the-tls.co.uk/issues/current-issue-8/ 
Article: https://www.the-tls.co.uk/articles/norman-mailer-unpublished-marijuana-journal/ 

Lucas and his co-editors are also mentioned in the Times Literary Supplement editor’s column (second paragraph): https://www.the-tls.co.uk/articles/in-this-weeks-tls-355/ 

Norman Mailer|© Carl Van Vechten/Library of Congress; digitially colorized by TLS