Faculty & Staff Honored at MGA Fall Convocation

Middle Georgia State University (MGA) recognized several faculty and staff members for outstanding achievements in teaching, scholarship, and/or various areas and years of service at the 2022 Convocation, an annual gathering of all MGA faculty and staff leading into fall semester and the return of students.

Seven faculty and staff members received awards for their outstanding achievements in teaching, scholarship, and/or various areas of service. Those receiving awards were:

  • Dr. Donna Balding, assistant chair of the Department of Natural Sciences, for Excellence in Scholarship.
  • Dr. Andre Nicholson, associate professor of media and communication, for Excellence in Service.
  • Dr. Rebekah Hazlett-Knudsen, associate professor of social work and director of the Bachelor of Science in Social Work program, for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Dr. Eric Sun, associate dean for the School of Health & Natural Sciences, for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Thomasa Negron, admissions specialist, for being the Unsung Hero.
  • Ashley Turner, professional advisor, for Service Excellence.
  • Devereaux Lindsey, student services coordinator, for being MGA’s Champion in exemplifying the University’s core values of Stewardship, Engagement, Adaptability, and Learning.

President Blake and Provost Jenks with award winners.

Eric Sun with his award.


Several faculty and staff members were also recognized for their years of service to MGA. Those receiving recognition were:

 President Blake with Cheryl A. Sebert

40 Years: Chery Sibert, AA - Warner Robins & Dublin


Christopher Blake with 30 years of service honorees.

30 Years:

  • Kevin Cantwell, Office of the President
  • James Decker, Dept. of Political Science
  • Phoebe Rabalais, VP Enrollment Management
  • Stacie Starley, Admissions & Recruiting


Christopher Blake with 25 years of service honorees.

25 Years:

  • Christopher Hornung, Dept. of Natural Sciences
  • David Sims, Facilities Administration


Christopher Blake with 20 years of service honorees.

20 Years:
  • Patrick Brennan, Dept. of Media, Culture, & the Arts
  • Charles Clark Jr., School of Aviation
  • Lita Holloway, Dept. of Natural Sciences
  • Gerald Lucas, Dept. of English 
  • Joel Morgan, Cyber Security
  • Shane Roland, Police
  • Dawn Sherry, Dept. of Natural Sciences
  • Edward Weathersbee, School of Aviation
  • Jason Williams, Grounds - Macon


Christopher Blake with 15 years of service honorees.

15 Years:

  • Jason Bryant, Dept. of Rehabilitation Science
  • Gerald Buffone, Dept. of Natural Sciences
  • Loretta Clayton, Office of Graduate Studies
  • Andrew Davidson, Dept. of English
  • John Edge, Office of the Registrar 
  • Christy Faulk, Student Activities - Administration
  • Susan Fox, Campus Store
  • Stephen Fuller, Dept. of English
  • Vincent Gill, Soccer - Women's 
  • Wanda Green, Dept. of English
  • Nancy Greene, Dept. of Teacher Education and Social Work
  • Ruth Hagemann, Counseling and Disability Services
  • Matthew Jennings, Dept. of History
  • Stanley Ketchel, Dept. of Management and Marketing
  • Alex Koohang, School of Computing
  • Julie Lester, Dept. of Political Science
  • Sandy Little-Herring, Advising - General
  • Daphne Murchison, Office of the Registrar
  • Benita Muth, Dept. of English
  • Arthur Rogers II, Dept. of English
  • Amanda Smith, Center for Excellence in Teaching
  • Martie Smith, Building Maintenance - Cochran
  • Brian Stanley, Office of Finance - Administration and Reporting
  • Allison Stevens, Student Housing - Knight's Hall
  • Ann Williams, Library
  • Patricia Williams, Custodial - Cochran
  • Andrea Yawn, School of Aviation
  • Matthew Zimmerman, Dept. of History


Christopher Blake with 10 years of service honorees.

10 Years:
  • Shannon Beasley, Dept of Information Technology
  • Douglas Bice, Dept. of Accounting and Finance
  • Jonathan Cannon, Dept. of Natural Sciences
  • Toya Coleman, Police
  • Christy Colvin, Office of Finance - Administration and Reporting
  • Duane Day, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Bobby Dunn, Police
  • Dorothy Howell, Dept. of Health Services Administration
  • Jonathan Joe, Student Success Center - Math
  • Kim Johnson, Dept. of Nursing
  • Lee Johnson, Police
  • Christopher Lawrence, Dept. of Political Science
  • Heather McIntosh, Center for Career and Leadership
  • Barry Newton, Building Maintenance - Dublin
  • Andre Nicholson, Dept. of Media, Culture, & the Arts
  • Pulipaka Rao, Dept. of Natural Sciences
  • Laura Terrell, Admissions & Recruiting
  • Shuntell Turner, Student Housing - Administration
  • Sabrina Wengier, Dept. of Media, Culture, & the Arts
  • Andrew Wright, Dept. of History
  • Jimmy Yawn, Custodial - Eastman

Christopher Blake with 5 years of service honorees.

5 Years:

  • Samantha Boswell, Institution Research and Data Strategy
  • Rose Brown, Dept. of Information Technology
  • Mary Christian, Dept. of English
  • Reginald Davis, Police
  • Noha El-Jeaid, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Jeremy Fish, Wellness Center
  • Lauren Gray, Dept. of Rehabilitation Science
  • Jessica Hall, Campus Store
  • Danielle Ingram, School of Computing
  • Jonathan Jenkins, Information Technology - Master's
  • Tiffany Leslie, Office of Human Resources
  • Kembley Lingelbach, Dept. of Information Technology
  • Monica Miller, Dept. of English
  • Jeremy Mills, Dept. of Nursing
  • Evaristus Obinyan, Dept. of Psychology and Criminal Justice
  • Katherine Roberts, IT Services
  • Tara Underwood, School of Health and Natural Sciences
  • Michael Woodard, Police