Blake's Take: The Value of a Degree - Part Two

In my last message to you, we discussed the economic and financial value of a degree for the individual. Our graduates, though, are not the only ones who benefit from a degree at Middle Georgia State University – their families and communities do as well.

As Georgia’s most affordable state university, our graduates can experience increased opportunities for career flexibility and upward mobility – unburdened by significant student loan debt. In terms of personal health, civic engagement, and prospects for home ownership and work-life balance, an MGA degree is a direct resource and influence in strengthening the holistic experience of the graduate. This local experience reflects the national data, which is compelling. Health outcomes, voting participation rates, career satisfaction and home ownership are all appreciably stronger for college graduates than non-graduates. At MGA we are delivering outcomes that strengthen our regional communities in these economic and other ways, when our graduates reside and work there. 

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