School of Computing Faculty and Doctoral Students' Recent Presentations, Awards, & Publications

School of Computing faculty and doctoral students have been very productive with scholarly presentations and publications this fall! See the faculty and doctoral students' presentations and awards at IACIS 2022 and publications in Issues in Information Systems Journal, Vol. 23 below. There were 10 papers presented and/or published by faculty members (full-time and part-time) and a few by students in MGA's Doctor of Science in Information Technology program. IT doctoral student, Caesar Jude Clemente won the best paper award and four faculty members, Joobum Kim, Jonathan Jenkins, Jongho Seol, and Myungjae Kwak, won the best research paper award.  

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School of Computing, Department of Information Technology Faculty and Doctoral Students Presentations and Awards at IACIS 2022, and Publications in Issues in Information Systems Journal, Vol. 23

Best Paper Award – Research

Extending data transmission in the multi-hop LoRa network (DOI:

Joobum Kim, Jonathan Jenkins, Jongho Seol, & Myungjae Kwak

Doctoral Research Award

Utilizing Data Science and Analytics in Predicting Campus Placement (DOI:

Caesar Jude Clemente, DSIT Cohort 1 Student                                        

Faculty Advisor/Co-author: Myungjae Kwak

Paper Presentations

  • Actualizing Gender and Racial Diversity Inclusion in Computing Fields

Elizabeth Williams, DSIT Cohot 1 student

Alex Koohang, Jeretta Horn Nord, Kevin Floyd, & Joanna Paliszkiewicz

  • The circular economy & disruptive technology

Joanna Paliszkiewicz & Alex Koohang

Scott Spangler & Kamy Shah

  • A study of female cybersecurity professionals

Kembley Lingelbach

Kevin S. Floyd & Zoroayka V. Sandoval

Part-time IT Instructors

Robert Joseph Skovira, Debra J. Borkovich, & Frederick Kohun

Debra J. Borkovich