Elaine Martin Joins the Office of Student Affairs as Student Care Case Manager

The Office of Student Affairs is pleased to share with the campus community the most recent addition to the Student Affairs team, Elaine Martin, Student Care Case Manager. Elaine comes to MGA from GMC and has experience in connecting students to resources both on and off campus.

Student Affairs will be working to realign and adjust MGA's Assessment and Care Team (ACT), which, as a reminder, is MGA's behavioral response team for identifying, assessing, and reducing behavioral concerns with our students. They continue to ask individuals to report behaviors of concern to MGAACT@mga.edu or online via the Behavior Incident Reporting Form.

Please note Academic infractions still need to be reported via the Academic Infraction Reporting Form.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out and let ACT know so that they can provide you and the student with the assistance and support you both may need.

The Office of Student Affairs appreciates the continued collaboration in an effort to encourage and retain our students.