MGA Faculty & Students Participate in Bleckley County Science Night

MGA faculty and students participated in the annual Bleckley County Elementary Science Night on Thursday, Nov. 3 demonstrating a variety of science concepts.

The Madagascar hissing cockroaches displayed by Dr. Melissa “Moe” Sisson were a big hit with all age groups while our physics instructors, Mr. Imad El-Jeaid and Mr. Ed Wallace, wowed everyone with their physics demonstrations on gravity, magnetism, optics, and electricity. Biology majors Christian Weaver and Miracle Odom showed how fungi that infect insects attach their spores to the insect exoskeleton through electrostatic forces and hydrophobic interactions with oil/water demonstrations, magnetic oobleck, and playdoh. Biology major William Sutton helped people identify common wood decay fungi with our wood decay specimens. Dr. Jonathan Cannon demonstrated how to measure the pH of common household items!

Fun was had by all and many people walked away with a greater appreciation for, not only the diversity of life, but the importance of understanding the science behind everyday objects like light bulbs and magnets.

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MGA's table at the annual Bleckley County Elementary Science Night.

Professor and student displaying the hissing cockroaches.

Faculty displaying animal skulls.