Respiratory Therapy Faculty Receive Awards from Georgia Society for Respiratory Care

The Department of Respiratory Therapy is pleased to share RT faculty Jasmine Brown, director of clinical education, and Nancy Guyse, assistant professor, were recently recognized for their exemplary leadership and volunteerism by the Georgia Society for Respiratory Care (GSRC) Summer Symposium.

Jasmine Brown, the current program and education committee chair and president-elect for the GSRC received the President’s Award for her significant contributions to the profession here in Georgia and for assisting in the successful transition back to face-to-face symposia for the membership.

Nancy Guyse, current chair of the membership committee and district 2 representative of the GSRC was recognized by receiving the coveted Morton B. Duggan Distinguished Service Award for her commitment and volunteerism.

Each of these RT leaders dedicated significant contributions of time and talent to making a difference in Georgia’s respiratory therapy community. Congratulations to Nancy and Jasmine for distinguished recognition of service to the profession of respiratory therapy in Georgia by the GSRC president and board of directors! 

Jasmine Brown and Nancy Guyse holding their awards from the Georgia Society for Respiratory Care (GSRC) Summer Symposium.