Student Leadership Conference: Call for Proposals

The Middle Georgia State University Student Leadership Conference, which will take place on March 10th, 2023, is one of the main components of the University’s leadership development offerings. Because leadership is a critical component of a student’s career development, all Student Leadership Programs, including the conference, will be developed and implemented through the guiding principles that:

  • All students have the capacity to demonstrate leadership
  • Leadership is purposeful and collaborative
  • Leadership is service and civic engagement
  • Leadership concepts are explored across all academic disciplines and can be learned through curricular and co-curricular experiences
  • Leadership is a process that leads to social change

The theme for the 2023 Student Leadership Conference will be situational leadership. For the purposes of the conference situational leadership is the idea that leadership roles in any given situation should be determined and assigned based on skills, abilities, and relevant experience, not on pre-established titles or institutional hierarchy. In addition to learning how to lead a team using this concept, we want to empower students to use their leadership skills to make a difference in their civic, university, and professional communities, even when they do not have a specific title.

To address this focus, proposed sessions should address one or more of the following learning outcomes:

  • Provide a definition for “situational leadership” that demonstrates an understanding of why it is important to consider skills, abilities, and relevant experience when selecting leaders for specific projects or in specific situations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how other career competencies (professionalism, communication skills, career & self-development, critical thinking, understanding the value of diversity, teamwork, and, technical expertise) can affect an individual’s suitability to lead in various situations
  • Outline at least three different ways to show leadership potential during their time in college and at the beginning stages of their career
If you would like to be considered as a presenter for the 2023 Student Leadership Conference please fill out the form found following this link:

The proposal form should be completed no later than November 18, 2022. Presenters will be selected by a committee composed of CCLD members, students participating in the CCLD leadership programs, and MGA faculty. We will let you know if you were selected by January 27, 2023.