State of the University 2024: MGA President Asserts Institution is Stronger Than Ever

With enrollment still going up, public and private resources increasing, and key initiatives coming to fruition, Middle Georgia State University (MGA) stands ready for expansion, as highlighted by President Christopher Blake in his 2024 State of the University speech. 

Addressing a live and virtual audience from the new Center for Middle Georgia Studies in the Macon Campus library, Blake talked about these key areas: MGA’s vital signs and statistics; the University’s “four buckets” filled with initiatives outlined in a vital strategic plan; effective engagement and collaboration; and a new mission statement, which reads, 

Middle Georgia State University educates and graduates inspired, lifelong learners whose scholarship and careers enhance the region and the state. 

“I don’t believe we’ve ever been as strong as we are today,” said Blake, who gave his annual address on Thursday, Jan. 25.  

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MGA President Christopher Blake gives his 2024 State of the University Address.