MGA Hosts Hundreds for Mathematical Puzzle Programs Challenge

On Friday, February 2, MGA hosted 20 teams of hundreds of high school students from across the Middle Georgia region for the Mathematical Puzzle Programs (MaPP) Challenge. 41 NBC provided coverage of the event. 

"The event featured more than 200 students competing against each other in various math puzzles. The challenge started at 9 a.m., and the students had until 1 p.m. to finish. The goal of the event was to help students get excited about math and to make them less fearful of it.

'A lot of times, there’s a lot of anxiety that comes into our math classrooms, and we just want to get rid of that anxiety,' MGA associate professor of mathematics Abby Noble said. 'Math can be fun. Math can be collaborative. Math can be team-based. Yes, it can be hard, but if you practice and persevere, it can be a lot of fun and much easier.'"

View 41 NBC's provided coverage of the event here.

Student competes in the MaPP Challenge.