Management Professor Discusses AI for Cooperative Advantage for Dialogue

Dr. Simone T.A. Phipps-Preito, MGA associate professor of management, recently co-authored an article featured in Dialogue, the official leadership and management journal of Duke Corporate Education, Duke University.

Titled “Harnessing AI for cooperative advantage,” the article discusses the potential of artificial intelligence to “perpetuate profit-centric paradigms or to foster a more cooperative and sustainable approach to business and social challenges. It emphasizes the importance of integrating the principles of cooperative advantage into AI decision-making to usher in a new era of responsible and insightful corporate governance.”

 Dr. Simone T.A. Phipps-Preito co-authored the article alongside Paolo Cervini (Capgemini Invent), Gabriele Rosani (Capgemini Invent), and Dr. Leon C. Prieto (Clayton State Univerity College of Business).

Read the article on Dialogue.

Human and robot hands holding holographic technology.