MGA Professor's Innovative Digital Technologies Textbook for Marketing & IT Students Published

A Middle Georgia State University (MGA) information technology professor is the leading author of a newly published second-edition textbook focused on marketing and IT students navigating the dynamic nature of digital technologies.

Routledge Taylor & Francis Group has just published "Digital Analytics for Marketing," co-authored by Dr. A. Karim Feroz, an assistant professor who joined MGA's IT faculty in January of this year, and Dr. Gohar F. Khan and Marshall Sponder. Feroz, who has collaborated with the other authors before, said he was invited to lead the development of the textbook's second edition due to his expertise in digital transformation, encompassing the strategic utilization of data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and other emergent technologies to optimize operational efficiencies and foster innovation.

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"Digital Analytics for Marketing," co-authored by Dr. A. Karim Feroz