Counseling Services a Vital Part of Support System for MGA Students

Fear of academic failure. Relationship issues. Navigating young adulthood. And, for some, a tendency toward suicidal thoughts.

Those are part of the mixed bag of emotional and mental health challenges that college students nationwide can occasionally - or chronically - face.

Middle Georgia State University’s (MGA's) Counseling & Accessibility Services, part of the Office of Student Affairs, is a valuable resource for students struggling with issues both major and minor.

"Our counseling services play a crucial role in supporting the holistic wellbeing of our students," said Predita Howard, executive director of the Counseling & Accessibility department. "We understand that college life can be stressful, and it's essential for students to have access to professional support when they need it. Our counselors are here to listen, provide guidance, and help students develop coping strategies to overcome obstacles and thrive. We also offer cost-free virtual services to students.”

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Azizza Pitts is a counselor in MGA's Counseling & Accessibility department.