MGA Student Affairs Staff Member Awarded $25,000 EMBARK Grant

Congratulations to Elaine Martin of MGA’s Student Affairs staff for receiving a grant sub-award of $25,000 from EMBARK, a program funded by the Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation to improve educational outcomes for youth who have experienced foster care/homelessness.

MGA will utilize the $25,000 grant to increase services to the population focusing on two core areas: 1) providing assistance accessing state and federal resources and 2) increasing food assistance programs on campus.

“Elaine, I am beyond proud of the time and effort you have put into making the Knights' Table and the associated services such a viable part of our outreach to students.,” says Michael Stewart, associate vice president of Student Affairs. “And my heartfelt thanks to [Dr. Donna Balding, director of Research & Sponsored Projects] for your support and assistance! Truly a team effort that will make a difference in the lives of our students!”

Elaine Martin in the Knights' Table, Macon.