Dr. Chris Tsavatewa Receives Fred Agel Governance Award

Dr. Chris Tsavatewa, assistant provost and associate professor of health administration at Middle Georgia State University (MGA), received the prestigious Fred Agel Governance Award by the Georgia Public Health Association at their 94th Annual Meeting on May 3. This accolade honors outstanding commitment and service in the promotion of public health in Georgia under the criteria of innovation, impact, timeliness, visibility, and initiative. 

Dr. Tsavatewa was appointed to the Board of Health by the Macon-Bibb County Commission in 2014 as the advocate for the needy, underprivileged or elderly, and was elected to the position of Chairman in March of 2021. Throughout his tenure and leadership, he has held a number of roles including vice-chair and finance committee chair. Since his appointment, Dr. Tsavatewa has played a pivotal role in advancing infrastructure projects, bolstering operational growth, and advocating for strategic recruitment practices. A staunch proponent of equitable strategies, Dr. Tsavatewa has tirelessly promoted a multitude of public health initiatives, including expanded access to clinical services, increased funding, comprehensive opioid response, enhancements in emergency preparedness, advancements in adolescent health, the promotion of pedestrian safety, and the improvement of environmental health standards concerning body art, food safety, and regulatory processes.

Dr. Jimmie Smith, administrator of the Macon-Bibb County Health Department, noted in his nomination letter Dr. Tsavatewa’s leadership and community engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic and his critical role in securing funding and a new location for the Macon-Bibb County Health Department.

"The nominee's initiative and persistence for collaborative and effective leadership has allowed for the provision of public health services in Middle Georgia in a new faculty with many upgraded features. Our capacity for collaborative partnerships has been enhanced, our public awareness is quite evident, and our community impact has been extended. We are fortunate to have such supportive leadership from our Board of Health members, and especially grateful for the leadership of our current Chairman."

In June 2023, the Macon-Bibb County Health Department (MBCHD) was recognized by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a Healthy People 2030 Champion. As a Healthy People 2030 Champion and the only local health department in Georgia to receive such a designation, the MBCHD demonstrated a commitment to helping achieve the Healthy People 2030 vision of a society in which all people can achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan.

Dr. Chris Tsavatewa