Academic Strategy and Structure – An invitation to participate in the process

Dear Colleagues,

In an email earlier this semester, I noted that with two dean positions opening it was an opportune time to review the academic organizational structure. Over the last few weeks, the Provost’s office staff met with academic leaders involved in scheduling and programming. These meetings spanned six different sessions, each lasting most of a day. In these meetings we reviewed our academic program portfolio, academic program locations, progress of students through degrees, and other issues related to scheduling and programming. These meetings have been very insightful and helpful in refining our academic strategy across our campuses and online. 

Our next effort will be to review the academic administrative organization to assure it optimizes student success. To begin this process, I drafted a white paper that outlines the issues we need to address as well as principles to consider in identify an effective academic organizational structure. This paper is titled Academic Strategy and Structure. It is attached to this email. I have also attached the white paper I shared last spring related to Academic Identity and Strategy as several data sheets and a paper from a CETL working group completed in the Fall of 2018. These set the context for our work on defining an organizational structure that best supports student success. The two white papers are also posted to the Office of the Provost web site.

CETL Faculty Task Force Vision Paper

Graduation Rate

Retention Rates

Please review these and share your thoughts. I will be in Macon on February 11 and most of the morning on the 14th. I will be in Cochran on February 13th. If you would like to discuss any of the ideas, please drop by the office. Also, you are welcome to send any feedback on the anonymous form.

Once I receive your feedback. I plan to circulate a draft of the proposed organizational structure on Friday, February 15th. I will then receive feedback and input during the following week. I will be in Macon on February the 18th and Cochran the morning of February the 20th to meet with anyone who is interested. I will also circulate another form to receive feedback on the proposed structure. 

Once the feedback is received, reviewed, and integrated into the planning, I will share with the division the new organizational structure on February the 22nd. We will then begin the process of identifying individuals to fill any vacant administrative positions. As noted in the paper, this restructuring process will be resource neutral.

I look forward to working with you to address fundamental institutional issues, elevate Middle Georgia, and increase student success. 

Best regards,

Jon Anderson, Provost