President Blake’s Blog: Building Shared Culture Requires Listening, Learning & Leadership

As we continue our focus on the imperatives of our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, “Elevating Middle Georgia,” we turn our attention to Building Shared Culture. Our shared culture is one of learning. As we prioritize learning, we strengthen the core of who we are and what we offer this region.

This past week I was struck powerfully by the importance of learning truly being a lifelong activity. No matter how experienced we are, we always can benefit from others who assist us in our professional and personal journeys of improvement.

We have emblazoned on our banners around our campuses the four values of MGA, including the central mission purpose of “Learning”.  So I hope you will forgive me today for a lengthy reflection on my own need for learning, my dependency on all of us at MGA (faculty, staff, students) and beyond (alumni, community members) to help me understand why continued learning is essential for me to be effective in my own professional life as your colleague and your president, and how our collective learning builds a culture of which we can all be proud.