New Academic Structure – Effective July 1, 2019

Dear Colleagues, Thank you for your input and discussion over the last few weeks regarding our academic structure. The purpose for looking at restructuring is a simple one, to create a structure that will allow a student to begin in a school and stay in that school until they graduate (recognizing some will change majors and possibly Continue reading

Academic Strategy and Structure – An invitation to participate in the process

Over the last few weeks, the Provost’s office staff met with academic leaders involved in scheduling and programming. These meetings spanned six different sessions, each lasting most of a day. In these meetings we reviewed our academic program portfolio, academic program locations, progress of students through degrees, and other issues related to scheduling and programming. These meetings have been very insightful and helpful in refining our academic strategy across our campuses and online.

Summer Scholars Program Now Accepting Applications

The Summer Scholars Program is a unique opportunity for high-achieving students to get a jumpstart on their college career in an immersive, engaging environment. Students earn six hours of core curriculum credit through four weeks of online summer instruction and a month-long, high impact campus experience, culminating in an optional service-learning trip to Savannah, Georgia.